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  • Cival

    A passage through time, a journey through civilizations, a focal point from long ago, deeply rooted in the West Bekaa’s soil. Elegant and intense notes of peach, citrus and exotic fruits. Balanced with a pleasant texture and unique aromas of fresh and fruity elements.  13.5%vol, 750ml

  • Simil

    6000 years of civilisation unfold as they travel through the rich and fertile Bekaa Valley. Fresh, mellow, full-bodied with hints of red fruit, caramel and oak. Complex and balanced, Simil leaves a delicate trace behind.  14%vol, 750ml

  • Solac

    As the sun sets on the Qaroun lake, all the shades of pink are set free to spread across the Valley.Bright pink with notes of strawberry, blackcurrant, licorice, rose petals and cherries. Crispy and elegant, Solac moves with a delicate yet vibrant acidity.  13.5%vol, 750ml