Rising from the land, soil and sun its natural ingredients,
Latourba blends years of wisdom and tradition with layers
of earth, making it a true and proud embodiment of our people.

Cabernet Sauvignon. 2014
Latourba’s single vineyard intense-colored Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in barrels. Its complex texture, well-balanced acidity and elegant after taste are heightened by the aromas of cedar, plums and cherries.

Petit Verdot. 2014
Latourba’s single vineyard Petit Verdot combines the unique aromas of leather, prune, dark forest fruits and tobacco. Aged in barrels with an earthy texture, it moves with vibrant acidity and powerful, well-structured tannins.

Merlot. 2014
Aged in barrels, Latourba’s single vineyard Merlot is deep red with hints of purple. Round, full-bodied with velvety tannins and a prolonged aftertaste, it reveals aromas of red fruits, cinnamon and mint.

Syrah. 2014
Aged in barrels, Latourba’s single vineyard Syrah captures the aromas of dried fruit, cherries and gooseberry with hints of caramel, smoke and chocolate. It is smooth with round tannins and a long lasting aftertaste.


The uniqueness of Latourba is that it comes from within. Layers upon layers of soil, years upon years of wisdom, history and traditions that we proudly cultivate in the most natural way. At Latourba, life grows from and with the earth.

Litaj is a premium selection of our best grapes, sourced from our private vineyards on the slopes overlooking the Litani River and creating a crown – TAJ in Arabic – around our vivid land.



6000 years of civilisation unfold as they travel through the rich and fertile Bekaa Valley. Fresh, mellow, full-bodied with hints of red fruit, caramel and oak. Complex and balanced, Simil leaves a delicate trace behind.


As the sun sets on the Qaroun lake, all the shades of pink are set free to spread across the Valley. Bright pink with notes of strawberry, blackcurrant, licorice, rose petals and cherries. Crispy and elegant, Solac moves with a crispy yet vibrant acidity.

A passage through time, a journey that began long ago finds its home in the Bekaa Valley. Elegant and intense notes of peach, citrus and exotic fruits. Balanced with a pleasant texture and a unique aromas of fresh and fruity elements.


UNIQUE is the first Lebanese sparkling wine ever to be made from within Lebanon and more particularly from the West Bekaa land of Latourba.

"UNIQUE" Sparkling wine.

"Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilised"